Georges De Cuzey

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It was decades ago that Georges de Cuzey’s contemporary art creations led to his exhibitions of the Graphic Melodies. This course, rich in encounters and reflections, passed through different artistic phases, from the handling of industrial metal to the inventive piano work on the keys of the Piadess (The Drawing Piano).

Georges de Cuzey, being fascinated by the fluid effects produced by moving objects, has endeavored to represent this idea in his various art forms.

- At the beginning of his research, begun 60 years ago, he was interested in the representation of movement at a fixed instant (static sculptures "Pilgrim," "Butterfly," for example).

- Then he created "image disks" that propeled moving particles to the rhythm of music;

- then he, inspired by TINGUELY, built mechanics that were freed from their monotony (random motions);

- finally, with “The Drawing Piano," he uses these forms of displacement with a piece of mechanical invention on which he works to compose his "Graphic Melodies". Various input will give the instrument unlimited possibilities.

Here is a summary of the history of the transition from statics to dynamics in the quest of art. It is the story of a trip to the heart of creation that is presented to you now.