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Originally the disk image, I had thought this "beast":

  "So far I have created objects using the aesthetic value of an electronic or electromechanical equipment. And if I also exploitais its technical value? This would give added value to my work ". 

So I created objects whose components were used both for their artistic value and also for their technical value. The first realization that I made in this spirit was a steamroller (the type used by construction companies) who is also a radio. This is not art, certainly, it's crafts. It's still an adventure and who knows where it will lead me eventually? Here is this odd machine! Excuse the poor quality of the image but I no longer have the original I sold at the time, I do not know that!


The Drawing Radio

Now while I was testing the sound function of my "steamroller", I found that the dust that was at the bottom of the cone of a loudspeaker moving to the rhythm of sound pulses. Hence the idea to use this feature to create the disk image composed of small elements moving to the rhythm of music.

A little break is needed here. You find that the observation of detail suggests me untapped potential of the reality of where questions and answers that will carry them. I spend from one world to another completely different from the first. It is a passport to travel to other countries. I venture into one of them. And then the second principle of the rocker. I see dust in a speaker moves to the rhythm of music. Where second passport to visit the country of disk images. Here is briefly sketched the system that drives me to wander into unknown lands.

 Here is the simple device of a disk image.


These units are traversed flakes by an axis which inclines them, which facilitates their mobility. On lake bottom (not shown here), small sequins evoke stylized young swans frolic with their mother (the biggest flake). An episcope is placed above the vibrating decor.It enlarges the image of the "spectacle" by projection on a large screen. The emotion caused by what is seen is amplified.


Keep the example of the illustration of the study 3 of Chopin.

When the pianist made a "strong", small sequins seem to fly. They disappear from the optical focusing area. Then they fall. While the expression of a flight is striking, and through him that of a movement that has the qualities of life, not to mention those of an artistic creation ...... ..

In addition to these effects, the reflections of light, the angle at which it illuminates each straw and the amplification effect of the projection of this kind of ballet on a screen through a periscope.

Creating discs of pictures made me enter the heart of the nature of the movement. It is an exciting field of experience. I studied how different kinds of particles react to musical pulse transmitted by a speaker. For example, displacement of small ivory beads illustrate the "spirit of a slow, steel rods, the rolling of a drum, etc.

Other subjects of study: creating a decor in keeping with the appearance of the selected pattern: The ivory balls evoke planets.They therefore ideally move into the background of a starry sky, etc.

Finally, the filmed shooting broadens the expressive possibilities of the "show". The limits of creation are repelled.

While I was working on my image discs perfectly synchronized to the music that inspired them, the interludes of television had a fountain whose water runoff had nothing to do with his background.With my system, the relationship between music and image is obvious. As for the cost, it is ridiculous. I have not found (perhaps because I have not looked too much!), A filmmaker with which realize the interesting creations remains to be done using the device that I developed.

See here, as always, I explore a world unknown. The e goal of my research is, somehow, to discover a new language, learn the meaning of his words and construct sentences. Everything starts with an idea, a finding. It follows a series of questions and answers. Sometimes the result produced a breeder effect: the observation of detail passed from one world to another. If you are interested in this type of thinking, I advise you to read: