When I created my animated sculptures by random movements, I was very satisfied with my work.


Yet I wondered principle my sculpture to capture not yet received messages she can speak. The conclusion of my adventure with random movements is also the beginning of a new adventure? I seek, not knowing what, hoping to find a new avenue to explore. Well, let's recap! The agitator E I is composed of  I hovering around H , fixed, and the radius R , which revolves around the center O engine. My attention was quickly drawn to the movement of E . I am surprised this interest in a steady motion while the object of my building is random! My curiosity is based on a reason that I do not perceive. I want to know. I watch! I insist! It's suddenly enlightenment!



He draws in his race as an oval. An oval? Well, it's one of the fundamental signs of the drawing.

This is an "idea rocker", which from a world to another. From mechanics produced a graphic sign . I guess other devices should generate other graphic signs, circles, lines, etc. By grafting at a particular location of their structure a pencil, he would leave on paper track of their movements. This would have a tool to draw ...

From what I dream!

I guess I have all the mechanical devices that generate the fundamental signs of the drawing, point, line, circle (and derived figures, oval, etc.), where new questions and answers that make me switch to a new world of research.

 First, I consider only the oval I know already produce. How to vary its dimensions (reducing, increasing) the speed at which it is drawn, its movements?

It will be even for other signs.

Finally, I wonder how to combine all these signs in an instrument and how to trigger them at will.

Therefore, deductions are linked automatically. So my instrument would be constituted:

- By several suitable mechanical generators function,

- A control panel composed of switches operating in my choice, a particular generator that delivers a particular sign,

- And additional devices which alter the size of the product signs, the speed at which they are produced, directing their movements ......

Finally, I imagine that the instrument works in a graphic object much like a piano in a musical purpose: Instead of the sounds I graphic signs, and instead of a keyboard that triggers sounds j 'have a console commands that trigger the production lines and other key figures of the drawing, hence the name "piano design". I thus refers in its first rudimentary forms, then it will be called "Piadess" in its most successful forms.

Here are outlined the principle of mechanical operation of the first prototype made.


The instrument has 3 parts

1 - A character generator consists of

       - A ray I 0 which rotates about 0. Its length is variable. Thus, the oval outline of the marker and can be reduced or enlarged at will.

- A MN rod. Its variable size change the shape of the oval. Moreover, according to the position of M on the oval IE segment is smaller or larger.

- A tracer (ET)

2 - A device 3 trays through which the medium that records the marker signs moves in all directions or circularly. Thus the sign is drawn where desired on the sheet.

3 - A desk with the commands:

  •  "ON-OFF", and
  •  "OI speed" defines the sign of the generation rate (drawn ellipse).
  •  "Variation OI" defines the dimension of the ellipse.
  • controls for the movement of each slide plate (A, B or C) in one direction or the other, in a rotating movement and at varying speeds.

I carry (of odds and ends) on this basis the first Drawing Piano.



See at first glance, there is no relation between this instrument and mobile sculptures that inspired him. also see that the rudimentary mechanics of which I was inspired generates a fundamental sign of the drawing. also see the new possibilities this instrument embryo transplant when he N. M finally see the multiple questions and answers that have succeeded to achieve (with very simple means) what I had imagined.

At this rudimentary stage, there remain more questions and more answers to find. Because such a device offers very limited graphics capabilities. He can not make straight lines, circles or even less portion of a circle. But it generates easily, sensually and profusion , a fundamental sign of the drawing (oval), change its dimensions and move.


Drawing done with the first prototype

Drawing done with the first prototype


The composition is deliberately oversimplified.


From bottom to top :

From bottom to top :


This minimum composition to discover that repetition and changes (travel, dimensions, speed) of a basic graphic sign creates an unknown reality , composed of graphics harmonics of a new type cast in a rare material, the light .

The design works as light music works sounds.

Here are some glimpses of this new visual universe.

To be considered rather as necessary studies for a first contact that as works.







To the Abyss

To the Abyss









Night Conversation

Night Conversation



So I have an interesting graphic adventure project. I continue my research by trying to get other basic signs of the drawing. There, failure! No Answer my question! Where new question: Who can I contact to fix it? And I think! Gentlemen Brice FONTAINE (Ecole Polytechnique de Nice-Sophia Antipolis), Philippe Roussel and Guy BOUISSOU (Professors at the Lycée Bourdelle Montauban) interest in the project. Gaps are filled my prototype

Philippe Roussel creates a software called PIADESS, which performs all the functions of the specifications of the piano to draw. They are activated by menu selection. One giant leap is accomplished. Without going into detail instructions of Mr. Roussel software, here, in front of the taste of its possibilities what you get with the partial outline of an oval.


From either side of the graphic study, the menu of its software that provides an overview of the possibilities related to the work of a sign.

However, despite the enormous progress achieved with the ROUSSEL software, it could not satisfy me completely! Drawing dimensions are limited by the computer's screen size and that the paper accepted by a standard printer, the A4. In addition, the selection of functions is intellectualized . For example, a sign of RY RX 420 and 250 means nothing palpable to me! Okay, the habit I cansensualiser the message numbers. But this transposition bother me in the creative action. Hence the idea to seek a solution that would combine the unlimited resources of the IT solution benefits (feeling and dimensions) offered by my first prototype. We must therefore return to the concrete, sensual!

With my "elite engineers" we define the project of a new instrument, the PIADESS II. Its centerpiece is a plotter that receives paper large, the A2. His plotter is powered by software "Roussel"! He will deliver all the basic signs of drawing on a sheet "real". The role of the mouse is limited to a choice at the beginning of creation. From choosing a sign (straight, curved, oval, circle), I will act on all variables (dimensional drawing speed, direction of travel, etc.) with a joystick .Farewell selecting IT guy! As the young people say: "more sensual, I'm dying!"

Gentlemen FONTAINE ROUSSEL BOUISSOU and develop this second prototype

So soon will dispose of a perfectly tuned instrument needs to "sensual" an artist when he created, namely space to the dimensions of the composition, graphics Unlimited number of which I will modify at will the features, ....

And that ended the story of an aesthetic adventure! Not bad, eh, the path from the emotion produced by a sculpture by Tinguely?

........................ ..

You now find that create, ultimately, it's not complicated.

The excitement and curiosity are the two pillars of creation. Not to mention with gratitude the assistance of brilliant mind when mechanics and computer are in. Thank you, gentlemen, Roussel, and Bouissou Fontaine!


In the menu TEST submenu ART , sub-submenu JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF CREATION  I present a different way than before the details of the procedure that I followed to switch the mind of random movements an autonomous construction creates by itself in that of a machine designed to allow a composer to create by selecting predefined signs, playing on their variable, and to arrange them in a work. So I escaped everyday commonplace to explore fascinating new worlds.

.................. ..

I am sometimes asked to indicate my job. Am I wrong answer "Explorer"?


Here soon, a view of PIADESS 3. Patience!

Meanwhile, you will see farther than I continued to venture into other plastic universe. I explored the visual possibilities of the sensitivities of numbers. 

After I created static sculptures built into the logic flows out of the ground as revenues from oil slick!